Social Club Survey 2020


Thank you to everyone who participated in the ASC Social Club Member Survey conducted in January.  The number of responses and the time that people took to provide constructive comments was most encouraging.

Congratulations to Claire Clutterham from the Legal department at ASC North, who won the $100 voucher.

In the coming weeks the Committee will analyse the feedback to identify what’s working, what’s not working and what actions we will put in place to address the responses.

Disney on Ice

I also was there with my 3 Princesses and the show was great, thanks again for helping to organise this great event for everybody, My family much appreciate it.

Thanks Ed Spence

Car Rally – May 2018

On Sunday 27th May ASC Social Club held a Car Rally, commencing at Bridgewater. The Adelaide Hills truly come to life in Autumn, featuring streets lined with deciduous trees dropping crimson and honey hued leaves – just simply stunning.

The 12 teams were sent on their way with navigational instructions, a list of items to collect, 32 questions to answer correctly and a list of areas to photograph (with additional points being awarded for artistic flair). Covering 120km the route was interesting and varied, with many people commenting at the end of the day that they visited places they had never been to, and would like to visit again to spend more time there. I believe Wirra Wirra Winery was a popular spot, with its glorious scenery, interesting history and very nice wines (sampled only by passengers of course).

This was not a race against time, but 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes were awarded for correct answers, completion of tasks and provision of the items collected. Team Victim (Vicki & Tim) came first, followed very closely in a tie for 2nd place by Swedish Chefs (Stephen & Wendy) and Aces (Max & Lou). There was also a tie for 3rd place between The Red Liners (Natalie, Emily, Sophie & Georgia) and Scary Chihuahuas (Tony, Jane & Ryan).

The day culminated in a very nice two course meal at a country pub, where the food was excellent, the background music nice, and very good service. It was good fun to organise and I believe the day was a great success judging by the positive comments received.

Helena Wescombe-Down
Event organiser

Cocktail Night @ Ayers House – May 2018

In May 2018, 65 social club guests attended “An Evening of Sophistication” in the Ball Room at Ayers House. An array of hot and cold hors d’ouevres, wine, beer, soft drink and a selection of cocktails were provided. The historic and cultural ambience of prestigious Ayers House was well received by all who attended. Entertainment throughout the evening was provided by the talented Ben Ford – Davies. The food, service and company on the night were excellent.